Sunday, December 5, 2010

DIY your own baby bumper set

1. Measure ur baby crib (normal is 60cm*20cm)
2. Cut the material for 6 sets..choose cotton fabric as its more breathable & soft for ur baby ( i choose cotton fabrics form IKEA  for the outside outline and corduroy fabric for the inside)  
 3. Make a zip on each side of the bumper ( laundry purpose)
4. Create a piping for extra touch
 5. Walla!! its done!! :)


  1. thx..its my 1st time doing it, so need a looot of improvement ;)

  2. Cute stuff you have here!! I love that you used a soft fabric and I love the animals :)

  3. hay Cami..thanks! really love soft kind fabric (^_^)