Thursday, December 9, 2010

multi purpose kit

2 different fabric pattern, plastic cover, velcro tape

sew the plastic cover together

then, sew the velcro tape on the fabric as well as on the plastic cover
multipurpose kit with 'window' is done!

5th day of maternity leave...i've made another baby booties and nursing pillow ;)

2 different side of the pillow
the filling
done with my nursing pillow! :)

my darling niece - now the pillow has become her fav pillow ;)

Sunday, December 5, 2010

DIY your own baby bumper set

1. Measure ur baby crib (normal is 60cm*20cm)
2. Cut the material for 6 sets..choose cotton fabric as its more breathable & soft for ur baby ( i choose cotton fabrics form IKEA  for the outside outline and corduroy fabric for the inside)  
 3. Make a zip on each side of the bumper ( laundry purpose)
4. Create a piping for extra touch
 5. Walla!! its done!! :)